TALT Software assures the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.


  • Role- and group based authorization on modules and data fields
  • Custom administrator
  • Login; username and password


  • CRUD (Create, Read, update and Delete) depends on Role and authorization
  • Data not changeable after status update
  • Data from module Daily Reports automatically frozen after 1 week At the end of data processing only the Custom Admin can change data
  • Data log of all changes from users
  • Daily backup to restore data
  • Separated create, test and life environment (S.I.T., P.A.T and U.A.T)


  • Portal always accessible if internet is available
  • Redundant servers on different locations
  • Multi user
  • Monitoring and maintaining hardware and continuous testing of software


  • Https connection with 2048-bit key
  • Blocked old SSL protocols
  • Username and passwords encrypted
  • Monitoring peripherals and where needed new software installed