Vinum Re Nova BV contributes to improving work processes and makes use of the latest technological developments. Vinum Re Nova BV makes commissioning processes more manageable and insightful by means of self-developed web based software programs. Continuity, consistency and an attention for detail are our main drivers.


During various projects we developed a vision on diverse aspects of commissioning. The encountered issues are translated into solutions incorporated in the software. Hereby taken into account that the software;

> has to meet the rules of a Quality system

> has a progress functionality

> supports data analysis

> enforce a commissioning method of closed-ended questions

> enables tollgate management

So smart web based multi user programs -operated via PC or practical App- will provide a big step forward during testing and checking of installations and company processes.

Essential analyses and advice will be provided after the intake. Sometimes delivery and implementation of the standardized software modules will suffice. In other situations a combination of software and advice will enable the best end result. E.g. organization advice, change management, process structuring, organizational structure, roles & responsibilities and project management.

Starting point is organizational and user group readiness in order to start using the software. Only then the optimal efficiency improvement and end -result will be achieved. Vinum Re Nova BV facilitates training and support of users. User interaction related to everyday practice is a condition for further improvement and development. Key success factor in adopting and implementing of the software is close cooperation, based on empathy, understanding and mutual respect.


Kees-Jan Wijn has more than 25 years of experience in various functions, roles and disciplines. From business development, change- and project management, consulting and business improvement. Passion for efficiency improvements, introducing new technologies and focus on end-to-end processing. Mostly operating at the borders of the core business of companies, thus supplying complementary skills.