Data analysis

Our vision on Commissioning data analysis

Commissioning recording has limited value if test data cannot be properly analyzed.

In commissioning, tests are often performed on paper. During the commissioning phase, measured values, among other things, are tested against the required values. In the best case, not only is it recorded in a paper document that this is complied with, but specific measurement value is also noted.

A measured value gets added value if you can analyse it in an “end-to-end” data chain (from engineering to operation). For analyses, the context (place, time, project, component, system, phase, etc.) is therefore essential to be able to compare values. A characteristic of analysing data is that collecting over time improves the analyses and above all lessons can be learned (continuous improvement cycle).

If you always have to look up data from paper, this is not effective / efficient and it increases the chance of drawing wrong conclusions from analyses (incorrect transfer, context error, etc.)

With the TALT software, all data is collected in a structured manner via input in an app. The app presents the questions in context. All commissioning tests resp. test questions are included in the portal which is the database for all values. These measured values ​​can be analysed at any time or exported to other business software.