What is the TALT proposition?

TALT provides support software for test and control processes & commissioning and creates conditions for organizational changes in order to optimize software and processes function.

For which companies / services is the software applicable and / or suitable?

Companies that whish their control processes to become more manageable, high reliability, multi-user accessible and well organized. Companies that require the last phase (in terms of deadlines, etc.), which is the most hectic before the operational phase (produce) to be structured, manageable and without the risk of getting out of hand.

For which business disciplines is the portal?

Disciplines of companies that test, check and report such as the manufacturing industry, HSE-related companies and data validating companies.

Do I receive physical software

No. The package is a web portal. The license is the rental of a specific client customized standardized software package that runs on a server.

Is my data secure?

Yes. For more information please read the Assurance part on the website

Is it mandatory to purchase all modules?

No. Modules can also be rented separately

Are there any system or software requirements?

No, Portal runs on any operating system with a minimum of Internet Explorer 8.

Do I need special hardware?

No, Portal is running on a PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, Ipad, etc. hardware which can be connected to the Internet

I already have my test questions in Word and Excel. Can it be used / converted?

Yes, after conversion by TALT in collaboration with customer.

Can users simultaneously use the program?

The Portal can be used from multiple locations worldwide at the same time via the internet.

Who manages the portal?

The portal is organized by TALT based on customer requirements. For each customer a Customer Administrator is assigned, who manages the portal after it is customized.

Is there a help desk?

TALT educates users. There is first and second line support. The first line support is fulfilled by the Customer Administrator. The second-level support by TALT.