Digitized HSE tests

Vinum Re Nova BV has digitized dozens of different HSE tests (in English) (ISO14001). This allows you to register your HSE findings in an IOS APP and process the results in a multi-user portal. Among other things; create reports, automatically email shortcomings to stakeholders and systematically follow up for resolving identified shortcomings.

All tests are standard but can be adapted as needed.

A selection from our offer;

Housekeeping Confined Space Entry Shot Blasting
Work Practice Excavation Erection & Structures
Fire Protection & Emergency Response Piling Storage & Laydown Areas
Tools & Equipment Lifting Operations Buildings
Welding & Burning Manual Handling Welfare Facilities On Site
Pressure Systems Air Gin Wheels Office & Accomadation On Site
Pressure Testing Electrical Safety Painting
Vehicles & Mobile Equipment Overhead Power Lines Tower & Scaffolding
Energy & Isolation Demolition Scaffolding
Working at Heights Waste Management On Site Ionising Radiation
Use of Ladders Working Overhead or Near Water False Work
Roof Work Hazardes Substances Hasbestos


Vinum Re Nova BV can support by implementing the HSE tests.